NJ Employer Manager, Accounting & Financial Reporting in Newark, New Jersey

Annuities Finance is looking for acandidate to fill a Manager role within theFinancial ReportingGroupthat will provide a variety of accounting and reporting experiences. This position will require strong technical accounting and financial reporting skills. This role interacts frequently with the Annuities business, as well as corporate partners. Successful candidates would gain an understanding of the Annuities business as well as exposure to other areas within Prudential. Specific responsibilities of these positions may include the following:Ensure accuracy and completeness of Living Benefit and Non-AOI sections of Annuities Quarterly Results Review Package (QRRP)Prepare and present PALACs U.S. GAAP embedded derivative liability and hedge position disclosure within the Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) section of the 10-Q/10-KPreparation and/or review of Annuities Earnings Prep Package for submission to Management ReportingPreparation and/or review of various Investor Relations submissionsPreparation and/or review reconciliation of AOI to GAAP resultsManage and oversight of External Reinsurance agreement with Union HamiltonAssist in external and internal audit reviewsAdhoc projectsVEVRAA Federal ContractorRequest Priority Protected Veteran ReferralsEOE -Veteran /Disabled/Minority/AA/F/M/SO